5 Reasons You Need a Magic Button that Texts and Calls

We just sent off our second shipment of Buttonjoy buttons, and we can’t wait to see how our customers use them. If you haven’t decided, here are some of our suggestions:

Stick the button under your desk and stealth call your own office phone when you’ve had enough of someone

Sorry to cut you short, this is very interesting, but do ya mind? I gotta take this call.

Make a silent doorbell that texts your phone

Remember that time when you just spent 30 minutes putting your baby to bed and the delivery person wakes them up with a loud ring? Yeah, your baby didn’t like that, either.

Send a fool-proof call/text for help (or more treats) when you don’t have a free hand

Each button can have 3 actions (click, double click, long click), so you can set it up for 3 separate requests. We can think of many health-related situations here (post-surgery, too sick to get out of bed, etc.), but we also think it’s equally valid to set up your button to request emergency wine or dessert.

Ask for a restock before you’re out

Don’t you hate heading to the coffee room and there’s no coffee? No water at the cooler? How about a printer that’s low on cartridge but you keep printing on it anyway until it completely stops? Restocking is hard to keep up with, but the buttons give people an easy way to report when something is running low.

Make a personal doorbell

Maybe you don’t have a physical office, maybe you’re an event planner that’s roaming the whole venue, or maybe you’d like to take a break before your next appointment arrives. This is the 2017 version of that good ‘ol service bell you see on hotel counters.

What will you build?

Technology is a creative outlet, too. Your magic button doesn’t have to be serious or absolutely necessary to make your day better. Tell us how you’re setting up yours!

Get one today at buttonjoy.com

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